Equipment Testing & Repair

Equipment Testing & Repair

In order to make sure you have clean, pure, and drinkable water always available, it is essential to make sure your water supply network is maintained and in perfect working order. When water equipment gets old, it becomes more vulnerable to harmful contaminants and leakages, and may result in interrupted water supply.

At Rykir Rentals, we offer you the expertise of our highly skilled staff so that you can have your water equipment tested and repaired for better reliability and safety.


Our services include disassembly of the water pumps, complete diagnostics of all problems related to your pumps, and identifying solutions. This may include repair and replacement of faulty parts as well as offering completely new pumps.

Our objective is to make sure your water pumps are up and running in no time to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


Pressure testing hoses is a crucial step to check your water equipment for strength and leaks when they are new, and thereafter periodically to ensure they comply with quality and safety standards. Performing pressure tests:

  • minimizes the risk of equipment failure
  • increases safety
  • reduces downtime
  • lessens the risk of damage to your projects


At Rykir Rentals, we can provide abrasive steel metal grit blasting services for the preparation of your fittings and water pipes. This can create a clean and stable surface for your fitting that can help the paint to stick.