Whether you are thinking of starting a small household project or a large-scale industrial water project, Rykir Rentals can help you create your water storage design, water transfer line layouts, and water equipment design.
a) Water Storage Design: We can help you design your next farm tank, drinking water plant treatment facility, or retention basin.
Rykir Rentals can help provide you with a wide range of tanks and storage equipment for all your water management and storage needs. Some of the most common types of storage equipment include underground tanks, elevated tanks, and tanks over the ground. Based on the cross-section, we can offer you circular water tanks, rectangular water tanks or Intze-type water tanks.

b) Water Transfer Lines Layout: With Rykir Rentals, you can design your next water transfer projects, which include laying out leak-free and contamination-free water lines, pipes, and hoses for fracking in oilfields, or making a municipal water system.

The four main type of water line layout systems include the:

  • Grid Iron System which works well for cities with rectangular layouts
  • Ring System involves laying the main pipeline in a closed ring around the area that needs to be supplied with water.
  • Radial systems, which are a good design for sparsely populated areas. In this system, an individual reservoir is provided for each zone.
  • Dead End Systems are suitable for sites which do not have any specific pattern of roads.

c) Water Equipment Design: Are you planning to make a community swimming pool or to create an irrigation system for a park? Let us help you determine your needs and calculate the sizing of the equipment you need.

At Rykir Rentals, we offer:

  • Diesel, gasoline, hydraulic, electric, air actuated, transfer and submersible water pumps.
  • Pipes, hose, valves, fittings, and gauges.
  • Portable heaters
  • Light towers and generators
  • Utility task vehicle, skid steers, and trailers

At Rykir Rentals, our highly experienced staff can help you pick out the right type of water storage unit, water layout design, and water equipment for your project in order to maximize your efficiency and performance.