Deliveries & Hotshots

Deliveries & Hotshots

When you are working on a water management project, whether it is for a local municipality or for an oil rig, you will often be faced with unexpected challenges or shortages that will require you urgent use of water equipment.

At Rykir Rentals, we understand your water needs are urgent and hence we not only offer you rental equipment but also deliver it to you on time with our hotshot services.

Whether you need water pipes, fittings, hoses, water pumps, generators, light towers, heaters, or portable toilets, just call Rykir Rentals and we will be available to deliver all your water management and sanitation equipment on our reliable fleet of trucks.

One of our biggest advantages is that we offer expedited hotshot delivery no matter the season. This means that even if it is winter and you are experiencing wet and icy roads in the Grande Prairie and Peace Country area, we will be able to deliver your much-needed water equipment straight to your doorsteps with the help of our snowmobiles and skid steers.

At Rykir Rentals, we understand that regulating and controlling water supply is crucial for a wide variety of projects, especially industry-sized operations or oil field work. That’s why we ensure that nothing gets in the way of finishing your project before the deadline.

To rent out our water equipment and have that delivered expediently to your worksite, contact us today.

“Expedited delivery of our gear and any other needs you have can be requested in a timely fashion”