Skid steers

Skid steers

At Rykir Rentals, we make sure that you have all the equipment and services ready for mega-scale projects like oilfields or industrial projects. To ensure this, we offer you small to large-sized skid steer loaders with a compact size that allows the vehicles more maneuverability.

Skid steer loaders are the most popular kinds of vehicles used in landscaping, site development, water, projects, final grading, and to add layers of earth to industrial and commercial projects.

At Rykir Rentals, we can offer you a fleet of skid steer loaders, like the Bobcat T870. These vehicles are essential if you are working on projects that involve tight spaces and narrow tunnels due to their compact size. They are capable of zero-radius pirouette turnings that allow them maximum mobility in tight spaces and are valuable for industrial water projects that require an agile, lightweight, and compact loader.

Some of the characteristic features if our skid steer loaders include:

  • These multi-terrain, all-purpose vehicles are designed to move earth, soil, mud, etc.
  • In areas where the ground condition is soft, like near rivers or marshlands, more traction is required for a vehicle to move. Hence its heavy tracks make steer skids a sound choice of machinery.
  • They also come equipped with a wide array of work tools and attachments including buckets, dozer blades, hydraulic augurs, hitches, pallet forks, and snow pushers.

With Rykir Rentals, a skid steer can offer you a lightweight, compact yet powerful piece of machinery that is essential for all industrial and water management projects.