Water Pumps

Water Pumps

At Rykir Rentals, we maintain a fleet of highly specialized water management equipment to take care of all your remote access and emergency temporary water transfer needs. We provide all types of equipment, including state-of-the-art water pumps, along with skilled operators at your request.

Rykir Rentals has many different types of water pumps to fit the requirements of your site. Understanding which type of water pump is right for your water needs is essential to reduce costs and increase the life of your pump system.

At Rykir Rentals, our highly experienced staff can help you pick out the right type of pump for your particular project in order to maximize your efficiency and performance. We will help you find the perfect pump for your project each and every time, regardless of whether you are working at a river, oil field, or dugout.

Our high pressure and high volume pumps can transfer water easily from one place to another. We offer you:

  • Diesel, Gasoline, Hydraulic, Electric and Air Actuated Water Pumps: Our hydraulic and pneumatic pumps can be used for almost all low to high viscosity media.
  • Transfer Pumps, 60 to 600 Horsepower: When selecting a transfer pump, we carefully consider which transfer pump is the most suitable for your water management needs. We give special consideration to fluid compatibility, power sources, flow rates, and pressure ratings.
  • Submersible 2″ to 10″ Pumps: Our submersible dewatering pumps offer outstanding results when removing unwanted water from underground as well as above-ground projects.

Whether you need to pump clean water, liquid with high pH levels, slurry, or mud, at Rykir Rentals we have a pump for every application.