Portable toilets

Portable toilets

No matter what type of project you are working on, your on-site sanitation needs are essential, though they may vary from project to project. Rykir Rentals specializes in a diverse line of portable rental toilets and restrooms which can help you accommodate your team’s or guests’ needs right away.

Rykir Rentals offers basic portable toilet options that offer simple restroom amenities to you when they are needed the most.

Our goal is to give you 24-hour, fast and reliable service with rental rates that are the best in the market. We offer clean facilities, hand washing sink stations, hand sanitizers, and handicap accessible toilets to the entire Grande Prairie area and Peace Country.

Standard Non-Flush Restrooms:
Our standard non-flush restroom offers a single-occupant unit with a dry toilet, static tank, a functional sink, paper towels, soap dispenser, and a mirror

All our portable toilets are designed for easy cleaning and are easy to maintain. Many accessories that other competitor companies charge for are part of Rykir Rental’s portable toilet base models.

So don’t hesitate and let us help you with your sanitation needs.