Light Towers & Generators

Light Towers & Generators

Many industrial, oilfield, or water management projects are carried out far away from civilization and away from sources of electricity. At Rykir Rentals, we understand that you work on large-scale projects day and night. That’s why we rent out high-quality light towers and generators so that you can finish your projects quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Rykir Rentals offer you light towers and generators to meet all types of construction or site management needs, regardless if you are working on building, an artificial lake, or operating on an oilfield.

Our light towers and generators are used to illuminate sites in remote locations and out in the back country. Our high-powered generators also provide electricity to these areas as well as power the light towers.

Our light towers and generators come with wonderful features that can help improve the efficiency of each division of your specific job requirement:

  • Our light towers and generators are compact which means they offer maximum mobility, truckload maximization, and cost-effective portability.
  • Our light towers features reliable engines and a larger illumination area and come equipped with reflectors with tempered glass.
  • Our generators are top of the line and are capable of picking up powering up high-voltage appliances and machinery that are required during site management projects.

With Rykir Rentals’ light towers and generators, you don’t have to worry if it falls dark. We have your back no matter where you are.